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Stop Selling – Skyrocket Your Online Home Business Success

Successful internet marketers serve others. They focus on delivering something to their customers that helps solve a problem or somehow makes their lives more simple. The truly successful online home business ventures provide a recurring service that people really want on a regular basis that helps them with a problem, helps them simplify their life or provides them something that they enjoy.

However, most internet entrepreneurs fail because they do not understand this very simple concept – “If you do not offer me something I need or something that makes my life better, then I probably will not buy from you and I certainly will not remember you or your business.” This seems relatively straight forward and somewhat simple, right? But it is amazing how many online home business ventures just do not seem to grasp this concept.

Fact: Every business in the world, whether it is online or offline, offers products and services to their customers. Many online entrepreneurs focus solely on selling their products. They build a website, submit it to search engines, then start email campaigns and other forms of advertising focused on selling their products. They write horrible ad copy suggesting that their product is the “Best Secret To Success,” and demand that you buy it for an unrealistically reduced price. Then they sit back and wait – for a couple days – wondering why the Mass Hordes of Traffic on the internet are not buying their product. This leads to frustration, and eventually they quit. Maybe this sounds familiar to some of you?

Here are Our Seven Steps To Skyrocket Your Online Home Business Success.

Step One – Stop Selling: The first thing you need to do is to stop selling your products. Yes, the pictures are pretty and maybe the product is really good. But your customers are surfing the internet, seeing lots of competing products and you need to grab their attention. You can do this by offering something free – but e-books are boring! You can offer a free article or newsletter – but many people are still hesitant to provide you with their “real” email address. So, how do you capture their interest and gain their trust? You certainly will not win any friends by just offering a product for a reduced price – everyone is doing that! And you will not win any loyalty by throwing pop-up windows at them either.

The products need to become the second thing you promote in your business. The first thing you should promote is the Great Value And Service your online home business provides. So step back, relax, and stop selling that $17, $27, $37 e-book and start defining how you will provide true value to your customers.

Step Two – Search Within: Before you can be successful in any business venture, you must define what distinguishes your business – what makes you different from the other million plus online entrepreneurs and why should I buy from you? The truly successful online home business ventures provide a service that people really want on a regular basis that helps them with a problem, helps them simplify their life or provides them something that they enjoy.

You need to understand, from your customers perspective, what truly adds value in your niche. This is something I refer to as Voice Of The Customer – if you were the customer, what would really “knock your socks off” – and how do you provide that! There are infinite ways to go about defining this for your business. A traditional method is the “Business Plan” approach – this is a service most local Chamber Of Commerce organizations offer to new beginning businesses. The intent of defining your “Business Plan” is to define what will make you different from everyone else. Learn to see through your customers eyes – then provide what they want.

Keep in mind that the internet is simply a mass abundance of information. So, what information can you provide to your site visitors that adds so much value that they stay… read some more… begin to trust you… maybe even come back for more… and eventually buy your products because they actually trust you as a subject matter expert!

Step Three – Search For Solutions: Take some time and look at what your competition is offering – what value are they providing… how do you offer more value? Focus on the real value – not the products! If you believe the products are the real value, then you should spend some time exploring the product to capture the real value it provides. Think about what you defined as the true value you would provide and see if anyone else out there is doing the same thing. If they are, then go back to Step Two and start again – you have not defined what makes your online home business different!

Conduct Research. How can you possibly expect to build relationships with your customers if you do not know anything about your market, niche or products? Here is a traditional offline shopping example for you to think about: Are you more likely to buy a product when you actually find someone that understands the product you are looking at and is able to answer your questions… or when you can not find anyone to answer your questions?

Knowledge is Power – especially on the internet. You can really gain the trust of your visitors if you come across as the Subject Matter Expert for your niche!! You must define why your online home business is the only site any customer should ever go to again!

Step Four – Setup: Your website is your storefront – so it must communicate the real value your business offers in 3-5 seconds! Make sure your site effectively communicates what makes your business different, and better than any other site on the internet in your niche. If you are struggling with this, you need to go back to step two and three, because you have not clearly defined your true value yet. Or, maybe you are not in the right niche.

Setting up a website is not the focus of this article, so we will not discuss specifics here. However, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Pop Ups are a Pain! Flashing Banners are annoying – and they make you look like a cheap affiliate website that certainly is not an expert in your niche. Free e-books are nice, but are becoming more commonplace. Newsletters are also very common – and are becoming nothing more than a sales letter that I give you permission to send me on a regular basis and which I will delete.

Look, I am your potential customer, I am looking for information right now – why make me wait for your newsletter auto-responder? Why not make the information available to me right now? Show me why I should stay on your website… and eventually buy from you – otherwise, I am leaving!

Step Five – Start Slow: Begin by writing articles, submitting them to article directories and on your blog. This is extremely powerful for several reasons. First, you can put your back-link into your article which will help with your search engine rankings. Yes, this is extremely powerful and is one of the most effective ways of generating free traffic to your site – when done properly. But search engine rankings is not the primary reason you write articles.

Writing articles forces you to continue researching your niche. It allows you to better understand your online home business value from your customers perspective. This will translate into changes you will make on your website to improve how you present your value to your customers as well as add more content to your site and promote your knowledge base in your niche – making your site more of a subject matter expert site.

Yes, writing articles takes a lot of time. Guess what – building a successful online home business takes time! If you are trying to make a quick buck, you are in the wrong industry! This is a hard reality that millions of internet newbies learn the hard way – that is why there are some very rich internet marketers out there sucking up all that money off the newbies.

As you are writing articles and submitting them, you will continue to learn more about your niche and how to better serve your customers – providing real, true value to them.

Step Six – Serve and Support: If you have completed steps 1-5, you are now starting to get traffic to your site, and you are building relationships based on trust and knowledge with your customers. You may not have sold anything yet – that is ok. Your true measure of success is how many people are coming to your site and reading your articles.

There are many ways to see if your articles are working. Site Statistics will show you which pages are being opened. Focus on your article pages to see if you are having an impact. Also, look for comments on your blog. Respond to all comments – positive and negative! Always thank posters for their opinions – this will build your credibility. Never allow yourself to get into a “shouting match” with a not-so-nice poster.

Answer all questions. If you do not know the answer – do your research! Find The Answer For Them!! Now you are Serving your customers – and they will appreciate that. Soon, they will start buying your products because they trust you as the subject matter expert.

Another technique is to post articles asking questions like “What are you looking for in a Online Home Business,” or “What do you wish we had on our site.” This will give you tremendous insight to your customers needs, and help you fill the gaps!!

Step Seven – Success: Congratulations! You made it. Take a look back at what you have done. You started knowing nothing. You had some “cool” products that you wanted to sell, but did not really know how. You have made yourself an expert in your niche, you have gained the trust of your customers and you are adding real value to your customers – making their lives better. That is a Successful Online Home Business!!

Best Reasons Internet Business Opportunities Are Perfect For Starting an Online Business

When you want to start your own internet business there are a lot of online business opportunities that may be right for this. You just need to find the right opportunity to start your business with.

There are some important reasons why these opportunities are perfect for anyone to use to start an online business. Knowing these reasons will help you see how it can help anyone start an internet business in a short amount of time.

Here are the top reasons why you should use business opportunities to start your home business.

One: When you try and put together your own business online you will find that there are a lot of steps and business tools required. Putting together your own business is very time consuming.

With business opportunities you can get your business started very easily because all the hard work is already done for you. All you need to do is to sign up and everything will be provided for you to get started right away.

Two: Training is always provided for anyone that starts with a business opportunity. They want you to know how to promote their opportunity so you can make money because this means they make money.

That is why training is always provided and if you take time to read it and implement it then you will soon start making money online. Training is necessary for online success because without it you can easily become discouraged and confused.

Three: The amount of time it takes to start an internet business using opportunities is very quick. Usually you can sign up for an opportunity and be started within just a few minutes or a few hours.

This is a huge plus because most people don’t have the time or the knowledge to spend putting together their own business with their own idea. The business opportunity saves you the time needed to start a business which means that money can be made starting immediately.

Four: Let’s not forget one of the most imperative reasons of all which is earning money. When you use internet opportunities to start a business it is much easier to earn money.

Everything you need is given to you and if implemented anyone can make money. The one thing that most people don’t realize is that the people that fail are the ones that never take action to promote their business.

If you take action and promote your business then you will definitely make good money with any opportunity. Action and time are what are needed to make money online and be successful.

These are the most important reasons why online business opportunities are perfect to use for anyone that wants to start an online business. Get start finding the right opportunity for you and before you know it you will be making money from home with your own successful business.

How to Start Your Own Business

Having a business plan is the first and most important step before starting a business, any business. Having a good business plan is not an automatic assurance of achieving success but it does increase the chances of success because it is the blueprint that important business decisions are based on – a document which displays all of the strategic planning made.

There are three fundamentals to a good business plan: market research, funding and legal requirements for your business. The first two pages of the business plan should contain a concise summary which explains what your company is, what it offers, what makes it different from other similar companies and how it is profitable for potential investors.

Market research is mandatory for any strategic business plan. Market research is important as it specifies who your product or service is for, if there is an existing market for the product or service your company is offering, identifying the existing competition and stating how you plan to engage the competition.

It is also important to discuss the long and short term goals of your business, what you wish to achieve and the amount of time necessary for you and your business to achieve those goals. As a start up business, more emphasis should be given to the short term goals.

People are an important aspect in any business. The business plan outlines all the resources needed to set up the business and allow it to run successfully.

The financial aspects must be carefully considered and stated in your business plan. The start up investment or capital needed must be thought through, as well as a list of possible expenses. It is also important to consider the amount of profit needed to break even with the initial investment.

To deal with the legal aspects of the business, it is also recommended that an attorney, specifically experienced in business matters, be hired. The attorney will be responsible in giving advice relating to contracts, lease, as well as a suitable business framework.

After creating the business plan, the location of the business must be considered. It is important to consider the distance between the company and the customers, accessibility, and limits in terms of zoning. Sometimes government incentives and tax exemptions available will help determine where to build your company. The government offers financing programs aimed to encourage small businesses so government business loans are something that a future business owner should consider. A legal name for the company must be registered along with the business name. Each state will have different requirements.

Each business must pay taxes. Besides paying business taxes, additional taxes are added which depend on the state and locality. Examples of taxes include the tax permit, income and employment taxes.

Most importantly, business licenses and permits must be applied for. These are important in order to be allowed to open your business. Requirements can change based on different locales and what type of business you are starting. The site has compiled a list of permits and licenses required for businesses in the United States. Some of the types of permits that may be needed include the seller’s permit, building permit, health, zoning and home occupation permit.

A seller’s permit is required for businesses purchasing wholesale and reselling. Also known as a sales tax permit, these may be applied for from the State Franchise State Board agency. A building permit is required when building or remodeling your business space. You will also need a zoning permit. Also, the commercial space must also comply with existing building laws and guidelines. If food preparation is required, health permits must also be applied for.

Lastly, a home occupation permit should be applied for if in case the business being put up is home based. Fees might consist of a percentage from the annual total revenue or a fixed rate.

Once done with all the necessary permits, business marketing should be one of the main aspects to concentrate on. A good marketing plan is invaluable.

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